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March 21, 2014

A number of weeks ago I submitted some images of my work to hopefully be included in a book being curated by Sandra Sider entitled 1000 Quilt Inspirations. I received this from Quarry Books last week!


1000 Quilt Blocks entry Banner images are from Quiltmaker’s Color Workshop by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle (Quarry Books, 2006).

Good news! 

At least one of your images has been accepted for Sandra Sider’s new book, 1000 Quilt Inspirations! You will be hearing more from us about this exciting project in April.  
In the meantime, our online submission module will remain open through March 31. Please help us spread the word about our extended deadline!


Quarry Books    

Needless to say I am over the moon with excitement and will let you know as soon as I know which image Sandra has chosen.
I am happily spreading the word about their extended deadline. If you are a quilter or a textile artist, you can find more information at the following link
Deadline is March 31.
Oh, and, Happy Spring!!






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  1. Janice

    Amie, this is just the beginning for you. So very excited for you and this wonderful news about your work being published in a book.

  2. Go You Amie! Congratulations! <3 That is awesome news 😀 I'm so happy for you (and the readers of that book who get to see your work too!) It sounds like an exciting project. I'll certainly keep my eye on your blog for updates :))

  3. Barbara

    Congratulations! I am so proud of you and your beautiful work!

  4. Chun

    Amie, Great news, and you have such art talents, and I remember this photo!

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