July 19, 2014

One day way back in April I was out walking my dog. There, under a tree was a neighborhood cat. I am always amazed that she just watches and never runs when I come by with my big black lab! I wondered if she would let me take pictures of her. She was quite cooperative. When I got home, this photo really resonated  with me.


Why, you ask? Because it’s spinning. And so was I!

I had so many great intentions way back in April. I was going to do one more blog post before leaving to travel for a few months. I was going to finish a donation piece and a few other things on my plate. Absolutely none of that happened. Between all that I wanted to do and all that I had to do, I was spinning!

I’m a little more grounded now. I’ve been on holiday, spent time with friends but the best part was a side trip with my daughter. Living as far apart as we do, it is always so much fun just to be together!

I’m back in the studio today. I’m rested and inspired by all that I have seen in the places I have been. Hopefully it will translate into some new fun creation!

As for the cat, haven’t seen her since I got back. She must be hiding in some cool shade, if there is any to be found here in the Saudi summer sun!






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  1. Hi Amie! I just had a look though your gallery on your website. I LOVE Heart of Vines! It really is wonderful! I have started to write about other artists on my blog, because it’s inspiring and fun. I would really like also to show some of your art on my blog – it’s really nice! 😀
    It’s great to hear a little from your every day. I have signed up for your blog, so hopefully I get to hear much more. Yay! Fun to get to know a similar soul!

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