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August 15, 2014

Today is my birthday.

As with every birthday, I take time to pause and to reflect.

Last year, I turned 50. It was an amazing birthday, my best ever! A surprise party in London with my family. All arranged in secret, it was so much fun.



But, 50 and I are not close. Every other decade has been fine with me. But 50, well, we can’t agree on what room temperature is and we just don’t sleep well together. I have struggled for a year now to find some comfort in being 50.

And I pondered gifts and presents over the years, and settled on my favorite gift ever! It was a letter my husband sent me about six years ago, on my birthday, listing all the amazing things that had happened in my life. Every single line brought back some incredible memory. It was like having your entire existence laid out on a table right before you! I was stunned at all the special moments, some big, some small, all so important.  Yes, this was my favorite gift, ever.

50 and I are coming to terms. What I think it is about for me is all the memories.  Taking time to cherish every single moment. Although I am far from home, when I spend special time with those that I love, those memories tide me over until we can do it all again!

Today when I blow out the candle on my cupcake I’ll make a wish!

Wishing you many, many, moments to enjoy and cherish!

Imagine THOSE possibilities!