Thank You Mr. Disney

August 7, 2015

Yes Mr. Disney, how right you are!




I have been planning a project to submit for consideration to a juried show in Washington D.C. in the fall. The theme is diaspora – the dispersion of a people from an established ancestral homeland. I have been thinking and thinking about this project, for far too long. It was defiantly time to begin doing.


Of course the usual cast of characters showed up, fear, anxiety, self doubt. But, once I began doing, little by little, it got easier. As the weeks progress, I will share the process and the vision for this piece.


I have come to accept my original plans as only a starting point. The more time I spend creating, the more I find myself having bigger ideas and different plans. Which is why I whole heartedly believe in Mr. Disney. Begin doing, get started, things change, but you are on the right road if you have started.


This is where it began.


I was stitching on an embroidered table cloth. I have my way of quilting, tiny and intricate. In this case, it simply was not working for me.


Change of plan.


I changed fabrics and went with a much simpler pattern. This is working so much better for me.


The deeper I delve into this project, the less time I have for fear and self doubt. I am on a deadline. This story is an important one, even if at this point you only see lines on a tablecloth. Stay turned, more to come.




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  1. denise

    Amie~ your timing is always perfect! Yes Walt is so right…stop talking and start doing~ also surround yourself with people that are like minded. I recently learned that have a hard time being with those “who talk the talk but dont walk the walk!” What ever the step you take, baby or jump make it towards SOMETHING! and you have shown me to move forward and make it happen! Your heart is showing you the way towards this amazing quilt. With each beat there is a stitch towards your goal! I cant wait to see where you are headed! If this makes it to the walls of Washington DC There might be a road trip for me to view your ART!!!!

    • amie

      Oh Denise!
      Thank you for your kind words. I am glad I have helped you to move forward with all your beautiful talents! And I am thrilled that you would even consider a road trip!!

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