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All my life I have loved textiles, needle, and thread. The rhythm and quiet of stitching. The creation that comes of it. I remember, as a girl, discovering the fun of sewing paper to make tickets, sewing bags, and designing my own clothes. Next, I learned to quilt and had the pleasure of working in a great quilt shop, and now, as a fine artist, I am so in love with these heavenly, intricately-stitched fabric works of art, and the time spent cocooning in my studio.

I have always been fascinated by texture. Old architecture – with all that wonderful masonry and sculpture – especially inspires. It’s the way something feels that speaks to me, draws me in, inviting me to run my hand across a brick wall or touch the surface of a quilted quilt.

My husband and I moved to Saudi Arabia from Canada in 2001. Being new to the culture and language, my art has been a way of speaking for me, an important means of personal expression where I might have otherwise felt disconnected from my old home and this one. Living here also offers me the gift of time. I have been able to dedicate myself to this craft and art, and to my passions for textile and texture.

About the Process

I work rather serendipitously, finding inspiration in the very medium I create with: the fabric. Painting, surface designing or hand-dying fabric may lead me – the way the paint runs, the imprint of an unusual drying surface or the wind that folds a wet piece of fabric can all influence my creative process. After incorporating numerous surface design methods in many layers to create a pleasing design, the work is then heavily textured by way of dense quilting.

I take pleasure in all aspects of the creative process. Conceptualizing in my mind and manifesting on the fabric is so enjoyable but, I save the best for last; my labor of love is the quilting. I am reminded of being a child with a new box of crayons as I take out my thread to choose the colors. Quilting is my absolute love.

Outside the Studio

I adore theatre, ballet, symphony and art galleries.
Enjoyment can be found in witnessing the creations of others.
I am so fortunate to be the mother to one of my favorite people, Tiffany.
My dog and I have a sacred relationship. I talk, he listens; it is complete perfection.
I had to overcome my fear of flying to see the world – so worth it.
I am a total newshound!
Family time is precious and rare and often means gathering in an amazing location.
I am a deep soul and cherish all my precious friendships.
It is completely possible I may be falling in love with my camera.
I share this existence with my generous husband – what an incredible journey!
I believe the road to contentment is paved in kindness.
I take time each day to imagine the possibilities!