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February 9, 2014


I was almost six years old when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. I remember watching it on TV. Big, clunky, console TV, offered two colors, black and white. Had a switch to turn it on and turn up the volume. The dial to change the channel went as high as twelve. It came complete with rabbit ears!

What I didn’t know then that I know now is what an incredible feat of technology it must have taken to get this man to space, get him out on the surface of the moon, and send pictures of that walk back to earth!

And so technology goes. We had a rotary dial, non cordless phone. No call waiting, no caller id. When you made a call, you were in that location until the call was complete.

Fast forward forty four years.

I am watching the Sochi Olympics live on channel 601 in my home in Saudi Arabia. While I am watching the games, I can send an email, write a blog post or spend time on facetime with my daughter who lives halfway around the world. Amazing!

I surf the web, read tweets, stay in immediate contact with friends from home on Facebook, pay bills, transfer money, shop. There are many things I do very well on the internet!

But wait….a glich!

Last week as I attempted to upload a new piece of work to my website, I deleted the entire gallery. Horror of horrors!!! I know what I did, and I will never do that again, however, it was very stressful for me. Apparently I hadn’t totally eliminated the gallery and my website designer at  alliecreative.com fixed me right up. I am actually starting to feel very technically challenged. This is all new for me. And I want to learn it, really I do.

So now we are back to a place of fear. I need to set aside a day and go through the instructions again and attempt to update my website. And I will. Right after I figure out how to send this blog post to the people on my mailing list in mailchimp!

And I know I am not alone! This part of technology is difficult for me. It is time consuming because I am unsure, uncertain, and, yes, fearful!

But I haven’t given up on technology. I think of all the changes in my lifetime, and I marvel at the advances. If they can put a man on the moon, don’t you think I can put a picture on a website? I hope so! Stay tuned!

Share with me your technology triumphs, or your favorite technology! Facetime wins with me!